Pic’s USA online store

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    Picot Productions Ltd
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    Full eCommerce site design and development by Envisage. Payment gateway setup. Customised shipping options. Site management tuition.
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Americans, suffer no more!

America: Home of the brave, land of the free and, by many undocumented accounts, birthplace of peanut butter. You guys could be forgiven for thinking that America’s best peanut butter would have to be the best there is, right?

But those of you who have visited New Zealand know better don’t you? And since you returned home, hasn’t that knowledge plucked mournfully at your taste buds every time you make a sandwich?

We have knocked up this page to look after you guys. And for now its for your eyes only– yours and the six hundred-and seventy kiwis living amongst you.  Those other 332 million folks will have to wait until we get a bigger factory.

So, until we give you the OK*, please don’t tell more than two of your best friends about our little shop. We’d hate to let you down.

*Give us a like on Facebook and we’ll let you know when ordinary people can buy it.
Good on you.

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